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Dental Clinic Opened by Students of Saskatoon Helps Financially Limited People

November 8th, 2018 0

Dental Clinic Opened by Students of Saskatoon Helps Financially Limited People>

Recently, a team of four students from the University of Saskatchewan opened the DIRECT Dental clinic. The premise of this establishment is to help people with a tight budget. Located at the former College of Dentistry’s Saskatoon West Dental Clinic facility, DIRECT Dental plans to recruit licensed dentists as volunteers.

Darren Vinek used to work for the government and his yearly dental cleanings were previously covered by the insurance. He claims that since 2014, he couldn’t afford to spend from a couple of hundreds to a thousand dollars on these services and he even considered getting them outside of Canada. Also, Darren is afraid of going through the same as his mother, who lost her teeth. Mr. Vinek thinks that DIRECT Dental will save him hundreds of dollars and that he will keep his own teeth.

This clinic already got a positive reputation: people like Darren Vinek are very satisfied with their affordable services and expect a big impact. Dozens of dental students showed up as volunteers, so October 20th was a big day for DIRECT Dental. They were dressed up in specially branded scrubs and the clinic founders celebrated the opening of their doors by cutting a purple ribbon at the front.

Until March, this clinic will be open twice a month (on select Saturdays from 12 am to 4 pm) but the four students are willing to keep their services operating for years to come. They see it as a great opportunity to meet new people and do a proud-worthy work. They are planning to accommodate everyone on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

We hope that there will be more initiative students like Christopher Bertsch, Kristen Kezar, Christy MacPherson and Mary Tait who are ready to do great actions towards simple people like Darren Vinek. Maybe, we should expect such amazing things to happen in big cities like Vancouver.

If you were or if you already are a dental student, think about giving a helping hand and striving to be as helpful as you can.


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